Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugins To Add Schema Markup To WordPress

Best WordPress Rich Snippets Plugins To Add Schema Markup To WordPress


While the final public says that they need to feature affluent snippets to WordPress, affluent snippets are actually the results of adding one issue else named as structured data or schema markup. the two terms aren’t one hundred pc constant, however, they’re functionally constant for casual users, so I’ll merely visit everything as schema markup from presently.

Schema markup may well be Associate in Nursing sub-rosa committal to writing language that communicates additional context relating to your content to travel trying engines.

For example, schema markup tells Google, “that specific range is that the review rating I gave the merchandise. It gets 4.5 stars out of five potential stars”.

Have no text to check? don’t have any text to check? Click “Select Samples”.Once Google gets that information from the schema markup, it uses it to feature rich snippets to your WordPress site’s content among the organic search listings – like review stars.

How does one add the proper schema markup to WordPress?

Easy – you utilize a schema markup/rich snippets plugin, that is that the focus of this post.

All the wealthy snippets plugins below can offer you a simple thanks to adding schema markup to WordPress.

1. Schema Pro


Schema skilled might be a premium schema markup plugin from Brainstorm Force, the constant team behind the favored Astra theme that Daan uses for EasyThemePacks.

Personally, it’s my favorite moneyed snippets plugin as a results of it makes it simple to use JSON-LD markup, that’s that the implementation technique that Google recommends: json-ld

By victimization JSON-LD schema markup, Schema skilled can assist you to induce moneyed snippets whereas not requiring you to feature any new content to your web site. As you’ll see with variety of the other moneyed snippets plugins, it’s fairly common for plugins to force you to feature a replacement content box to the front-end of your web site.

Beyond that, Schema skilled collectively merely generally options a really versatile implementation, notably if you utilize custom fields on your web site.

Schema Pro:

  • Supports thirteen totally different schema sorts, as well as everything from reviews to recipes and events
  • Mechanically maps schema data to existing WordPress data (like making the review author up to the WordPress author) helps you to use include/exclude rules to control exactly that content gets that schema type.
  • For example, you will be ready to automatically apply the Review schema type to any or all or any posts in your “Reviews” category.
  • Helps you to feature new custom fields to fill in different data, like your review rating
  • As an alternate, helps you to map schema data to custom fields that you’ve added , yet as those extra with tools like Advanced Custom Fields, Tool-set, or Pods.While it’s not free, if you’re serious relating to rich snippets and schema markup, Schema skilled provides you the foremost flexibility, and should collectively automatize schema markup at tier that no different plugins provide.

2. WP Review professional

WP Review ProDon’t let the name fool you – WP Review professional isn’t simply a straightforward product review plugin, tho’ it positively helps you to do this well.

WP Review skilled really supports fourteen completely different types of loaded snippets, that helps you to induce loaded snippets for things like restaurants, recipes, software system package applications, and, oh yeah, product reviews.

It goes relating to this otherwise than Schema skilled, though. Whereas Schema skilled merely adds the code quietly behind-the-scenes (i.e. your human guests will never see anything), WP Review skilled really adds a replacement content box to your post.

This approach isn’t basically higher or worse than Schema skilled – it’s merely one factor you got to ponder.

To control but this box look, you will be able to build a selection from sixteen pre-defined designs, that look pretty nice.

Beyond that core wealthy snippets practicality, WP Review professional conjointly offers another a lot of review-focused practicality like:

  • User comment ratings/reviews
  • Integrations with Google Places, Yelp Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and WooCommerce
  • 10 custom widgets to show posts supported review ratings

3. Tired One wealthy Snippets

All in One wealthy Snippets is that the 1st free wealthy snippets plugin on this list. It’s conjointly from Brainstorm Force – constant developer because of the Schema professional plugin on top of.

But whereas the developer is that identical, tired One flush Snippets includes a heap of in common with WP Review skilled than Schema skilled.

That is, tired One flush Snippets collectively adds a replacement front-end content box to your web site that your guests can see. By default, this box is barebones and doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as WP Review Pro’s content boxes. but tired One flush Snippets is in addition 100% free, and additionally the styling is a few things that you  just can fix with CSS.

Here area unit a number of the precise details on however tired One wealthy Snippets functions:

  • Supports eight totally different schema sorts, as well as reviews, recipes, products, and more.
  • Helps you to tack together schema sorts on a per-post basis

If you specifically would like a free plugin, this is often the most effective free possibility that I’ve found.

4. Wealthy Snippets WordPress Plugin

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin is that the most well-liked schema markup plugin at CodeCanyon, wherever it’s over one,500 sales.

One of the foremost distinctive things relating to moneyed Snippets WordPress Plugin is that it provides you access to every single schema markup kind from, that’s over most different plugins provide.

Once you choose on the schema markup kind you’d wish to feature, moneyed Snippets WordPress Plugin will conceive to link variety of your existing content to the schema data. For everything else, you’ll get to manually enter it yourself.

While the breadth of coverage is good, I nose to nose understand the interface a little plenty of longer than most of the alternative plugins, so there is a trade-off.

But if you’d wish to urge access to any or all or any the schema types from, typically|this can be} often the foremost effective plugin that I’ve found for that.

5. WP wealthy Snippets

WP wealthy Snippets is another well-liked premium possibility that functions tons like WP Review professional and everyone in One wealthy Snippets. That is, it adds a replacement content box to the front-end of your web site, beside the relevant schema markup for the content in this box.

It includes support for several well-liked types, in addition as reviews, recipes, organizations, and more.

Beyond the core premium version, there are also different premium add-ons that add lots of schema types, what is more as user reviews and comparison tables.

While WP rich Snippets may well be a solid risk, I feel the new versions of Schema skilled or WP Review skilled presently offer higher worth, so WP rich Snippets isn’t any more as high on my list as a result of it once was.

Which Schema Markup/Rich Snippets Plugin do you have to Use?

For the fore most effective overall schema markup/rich snippets plugin, I prefer to suggest Schema skilled as a results of it uses the Google-recommended JSON-LD markup. It’s together the foremost versatile plugin and doesn’t want you to feature new content to the front-end of your web site.

If you’re doing want a front-end content box, go in conjunction with WP Review skilled for a premium risk, or tired One affluent Snippets for a better (and uglier) free version.

And if you would like access to the foremost schema markup sorts, go together with wealthy Snippets WordPress Plugin as a result of it provides you access to each single content sort at

Have the other questions about a way to add wealthy snippets to WordPress? allow us to recognize within the comments and we’ll attempt to facilitate out!

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