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A WordPress Child Theme

WordPress is popularly khown for the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog.WordPress is a amazing platform for complete control over websites and for those who want to be independent in running them.and you can easily customize a website.You just need knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS and there is everything you can do.


But,can you making customizing in wrong way?

Most often people edit their theme for make changes in website.meaning of this they are changing or adding files in their current theme’s folder.but this is a wrong way because it can be leads to a problems.

Issue is,when theme is updated,any changes or modification made to the theme is completely lost.And for the security reasons or based on any other reasons at somepoint you have to update the theme.

So the solution for this is child theme.


What is a wordPress child theme?

For understanding child theme we have to first understand parent theme. a parent theme includes all of the required WordPress files and assets for the theme to work.

So basically Child theme takes all the characteristics and appearance of their parent theme and can change them without touching the code of the parent theme.


There is so many benefits if you use child theme:

  • Child theme speed up  development time of the website.
  • Child theme makes things easy and simple for understand.
  • You can customize the design as you want with the child theme.
  • You can upgrade the parent theme without losing your customizations.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with your customizations, just disable the child theme and everything will be as it was before.


Create child theme

A child theme needs three things: its own folder, a style sheet and a functions.php file.


1. Go to the themes folder and create child theme folder


2.Create stylesheet file and function.php file


3.Activate child theme.

Creating child theme is easy and you can make changes according to your need in different section‘s  of the website based on your requirements.

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