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How to Grant Access to Your Google Analytics 4 withn a Minute

Google Analytics is an essential tool for analyzing your website traffic and visitors behavior. Many people use this tool to gain insights into their traffic. They use Google analytics on a daily basis, but they don’t know how to grant access to new users, team members, or collaborators. If you’re unsure how to do this, don’t worry—this guide will help you add team members to your Google Analytics account in just a few steps.

Follow these five simple steps to grant access to your team members in just a minute:

  1. Open Google Analytics, Select your google analytics navigate to Admin panel section at left side of the Google analytics Dashboard.

Google Analytics 4

2. In the admin section, click on the property setting section. Under the Property settings section, click on Property Access Management.

Property Setting Section

3. Now Click on the “+” icon at the top right corner of the page. Select Add users from the dropdown.

Add Users

4. Enter your team member’s email address in the email address section and select the appropriate role based on their responsibilities. Be sure to check the “Notify new users by email” box, then click the “Add” button. If you’re unsure about which role to assign, the Editor role is a safe choice for most marketing team members.

Grant accessyour Google analytics using Email

5. Congrats, Now your team members added on your google analytics, Now your team members have access to your google analytics, now they can analyze website traffic and user behavior.


I hope now you know how to grant access to new users, team members, or collaborators with these simple 5 steps. Your team members have now been added to your Google Analytics account. They can now access the account and analyze website traffic and user behavior. If you still have an issue on google anaytics, you can contact our expert, Who can resolve your issue. 

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